Welcome to 2011! Hopefully you noticed when coming to the site that we now have a new look, a new navigation and better search functions for the blog (For a final look at the old site, see the attached image).

What do YOU think? Please share your comments.

I am always looking for your suggestions, comments and input on how we can make the site better to help you with learning about American Government concepts, work on current events journals and study together with study buddies about what’s actually happening today in American Government and Politics.

I look forward to hearing from YOU!

2 Comments for "The Blog: A New Look for a New Year"

  • MinhQuan Dang

    Fresh new look for a fresh new year.
    This website has help me through countless times. Spread the word people! Live the 5!

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    I was so used to the old one, but im pretty sure this one will get to me very soon. Go Government! IMLVND5

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