WSJ: GOP Earmark Ban Shifts Clout

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: With deep-draft cargo ships set to steam through a widened Panama Canal in 2014, South Carolina Rep. Henry Brown tucked $400,000 of federal money into a House spending bill to deepen the Port of Charleston so it could accommodate the bigger ships. Read the full article at The Wall Street […]

The Hill: Pelosi quashes uprising

FROM THE HILL: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants won reelection as House Democratic leaders on Wednesday, beating back an uprising that exposed deep divisions within the party rank-and-file. Read the full article at The Hill. Members of the caucus voted overwhelmingly to make Pelosi (Calif.) minority leader, brushing aside a challenge by Rep. […]

WaPo: Speaker Nancy Pelosi to seek minority leader post

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST: Rejecting demands that she relinquish power after her party’s losses in the midterm elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that she will run for minority leader, potentially setting up an ideological battle within the Democratic membership. Read the full story at The Washington Post. Several Democrats called this week for […]

WSJ: What the Next Speaker Must Do, by John Boehner

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Opinion Editorial by U.S. Representative John Boehner, R-Ohio, also nominee to be the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives):  I grew up in a small house on a hill in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 11 brothers and sisters. My dad ran a bar, Andy’s Café, that my grandfather Andrew […]

WaPo: What an immigrant would say to Boehner

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST: Why do Republicans make us feel like the enemy, the non-Americans, the people you want to take the country back from? Many Republicans see immigration as a Democratic plot to register new voters. And, yes, most immigrant groups today – like the Irish and Italians and others before us – tend to […]