WSJ: Senate Passes Landmark Health-Care Bill, 60-39

From The Wall Street Journal: The Senate approved sweeping health-overhaul legislation on Thursday, a landmark moment for White House-led efforts to expand insurance coverage to more than 30 million Americans. Read more at WSJ. The bill, approved by a 60-39 vote, would deliver on a long-promised Democratic goal of extending coverage to nearly every American, […]

NPR: Obama Defends Health Bill Against Attacks From Left

From National Public Radio: President Obama hit back at critics within his own party over the landmark health care overhaul packages moving through Congress during an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered. Read more at NPR. “This notion I know among some on the left that somehow this bill is not everything that it should […]

The Hill: Special interests offer mixed reactions to Senate healthcare vote

From The Hill: K Street’s powerhouses have weighed in the Senate’s passage of a historic healthcare reform bill and the verdict is decidedly mixed. Healthcare industry associations, many of which had already endorsed the legislation, offered cautious praise and conditional support, the health insurance industry expressed disappointed opposition, labor unions offered encouraging words but stopped […]

WSJ: Kerry Floats Plan to Visit Tehran

From the Wall Street Journal: Sen. John Kerry has suggested becoming the first high-level U.S. emissary to make a public visit to Tehran since the 1979 Islamic revolution, a move White House officials say they won’t oppose. Read more. The offer comes as mass protests against Iran’s regime are resurfacing and a U.S.-imposed deadline nears […]