Analysis | How tax reform could affect your bottom line

Enter your annual household income and see how people like you could fair under the legislation. The Senate passed a long-awaited tax overhaul bill early Saturday morning. The bill, the biggest rewrite of the individual and corporate tax code in 30 years, would affect the pocketbooks of most Americans. It still has to be reconciled […]

Senate GOP tax bill passes in major victory for Trump, Republicans

Senate Republicans passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill early Saturday morning that bestows extensive benefits on corporate America and the wealthy while delivering mixed blessings to everybody else. After a frantic round of negotiations, Republicans came together in near unanimity behind the landmark legislation. The final vote was 51 to 49, with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) the […]

Twitter urged firms to delete data during 2016 campaign (Politico)

Company directives reinforced privacy policies that were already being criticized for helping Russia meddle in elections. “Twitter quietly ramped up a campaign last year to permanently delete some user data from its social media platform and the files of commercial firms using it, raising concerns that the policy would help Russian cyberspies suspected of meddling […]

Council Members Exploring Soda Tax in Montgomery County

Proposal could help fund early-childhood education programs A “soda tax” is being discussed in Montgomery County. County Council members Tom Hucker and Hans Riemer are exploring the idea to tax sweetened beverages as a way to raise money to fund early-childhood education programs, according to council colleagues. In an interview Wednesday, Hucker said he’s trying […]

House narrowly passes budget — setting up mammoth tax fight

It was a dramatic vote, as Speaker Paul Ryan faced resistance from a number of Republicans concerned with the budget and tax plans. House Republicans cleared a crucial hurdle in their drive to overhaul the tax code Thursday after narrowly approving the Senate’s budget. By passing the measure, 216-212, Republicans unlocked procedural powers that allow […]

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake: ‘I Will Not Be Complicit’

In a blistering speech on the Senate floor, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announced his retirement—and issued a challenge to his Republican colleagues. Arizona Republican Jeff Flake announced his decision to retire from the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, pairing the news with a blistering attack on President Trump. “Reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and […]

Donald Trump and the Dawn of the Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance (Demographics)

“In their eyes, religious conservatives aren’t making a cynical bargain by embracing a president with dubious religious bona fides. They finally have the street brawler they’ve always wanted.” Read more at POLITICO: Donald Trump and the Dawn of the Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance Donald Trump’s supporters always had diverging interpretations of his campaign mantra, “Make America Great […]